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Grooming Services near Hiram, GA

Healthy skin, hair and nails contributes to overall wellness.

Our groomers, Candice and Susan, are highly experienced, patient and gentle with every pet. We offer services such as baths, haircuts, getting rid of matted hair and knots, nail trims, ear cleanings and more. If you have any questions about our grooming services or are interested in scheduling a visit with one of our groomers, please call us at 770-439-1117.

Rather than viewing grooming as a luxury service, consider all the great things it can do for your pet's health. Regular grooming allows us to detect an array of health concerns from fleas, ticks and ear mites to abnormal lumps and bumps, and so much more!

If you constantly find hair or accidental scratches in your home due to excessive shedding and long nails, schedule a grooming visit for your pet. One of our groomers will be happy to trim your pet's hair and nails to not only leave your pet feeling better but minimizing wear and tear at home.

Your pet is required to be current on necessary vaccines before their grooming appointment. If you are unsure, make sure to give us a call and we will gladly take a look at your records.

  • Canines: Rabies, DHLPP & Bordetella
  • Felines: Rabies & FeLV. If your cat has not been vaccinated for Feline Leukemia within the past year, a test is required.