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If you are a passionate and talented veterinarian pursuing a career in the Atlanta area, Hiram Animal Hospital may be the perfect fit. Since 1986, we have provided high-quality medicine for pets in the Hiram-Dallas-Nebo area. Join a team of veterinarians committed to promoting responsible pet ownership through empathetic care and client education.

Wondering if Hiram Animal Hospital is the right practice for you? Here are five reasons the Hiram team is something to be proud of:

  • 1. With over 50 years of shared experience, our doctors work together to provide premier veterinary care.
  • 2. Operating as a full-service hospital, we provide everything a pet can need, from routine wellness care to comprehensive treatment of injury and disease.
  • 3. We believe in forming close-knit, life-long bonds with our clients and their pets.
  • 4. We proudly offer care for rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, and other small mammals, in addition to dogs and cats.
  • 5. Just ask our clients - we have a 5-star rating in our community!

Sound like the practice for you? If you are interested in opportunities at Hiram Animal Hospital, please email your resume to our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Tosha Zimmerman, at